~~EU Medical University RECRUITMENT

~~EU Medical University Entrance Examination Notice~~~
Medical Courses / Department of Dentistry
Entrance examination dates/and application deadlines

~~ Notice~~

A). Republic of Latvia
(one of the Baltic States)

1). RIGA STRADINS Medical University February class starts application!!
a). Graduating/Graduating High School 12
b). Have studied Chemistry and Biology for 2 semesters
1 semester physics and mathematics, semester average transcript: at least 70 points
[English level]: Recorded within 5 years
TOEFL (IBT 80) or IELTS (6.5) or university online English proficiency test (if there is no English language score. Take the test for 2 consecutive days)
Medicine (200 places): 12,500 Euros/year
Department of Dentistry (35 places): 14,000 Euros/year (1st and 2nd year)
15,000 Euros/year (third year to fifth year)
Application deadline: November 25, 2023.( Taiwan applicants free visa can enter E.U country.
November 1.2023( Philippines and Thailand Applicants , need apply student visa before attend University office).

B). Czech Republic

2024/09/03 classes start to register for the exam.
Faculty of Medicine (65 places): 12,500 Euros/year.
Department of Dentistry (20 places); 14,000 Euros/year.
a). Graduating/Graduating High School 12
b). Ever studied Chemistry and Biology at least 2 semesters,
1 semester Physics and Mathematics

[Entrance Examination]: 
May.17. 2024.P.M 15:00 ( Taiwan, Philippines time area).
May.17.2024.P.M 14:00 ( Thailand time area).
The exam will include chemistry subjects. Biology. (5 choose 1 multiple choice questions. Compulsory subjects). Mathematics or physics 2 subjects choose 1 subject (. 5 choose 1 multiple choice questions). The total score of the test score is at least 165 points for admission. No TOEFL IBT .Or IELTS score. Be Join and Pass the online English proficiency test with a score of 60.

[ English language proficiency]:
TOEFL (IBT 87) or IELTS (6.) or the school's online English proficiency test (60 points to pass. If the applicant does not have an English language score).

[Prospect after graduation]:
1. Awarded a master's degree in medicine/dentistry.
2. State examinations are scheduled for the final year. Qualification as a Latvian or Czech physician or dentist upon graduation.
3. Pass the USMLE (Doctor Examination) / USDLE (Dentist Examination) to work in the United States.
​After graduation, you can apply for a job in a hospital in an EU country to become a local doctor/dentist. And apply for long-term residence for work (such as: Ireland. UK. Malta. Czech Republic. Latvia).

Contact information: 8862-29454777. 886911249080.886910076961
Email: hsingweicoltd@yahoo.com.tw
LINE: hsingweistevenliu